Knox County

Republican Party

Our Purpose

The purposes of the Party include, but are not limited to, electing Republican candidates to office on the national, state and local levels; recruiting Republican candidates to run for office; assisting the national Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and other Republican organizations on the national level in carrying out their purposes; raising funds for election campaigns and other Republican purposes; recruiting membership in the Republican Party; increasing public awareness of the Republican position on public issues; and fostering good citizenship in general.

Your vote matters!

Your vote CAN make a difference. Learn how just one vote can influence the future of your city, county, state or country.

Find Your District

Get to know and work with Republicans in your district!

Every month, each District meets to get involved with the KCRP’s work. This is a great place to meet fellow Republicans in your area, learn more about what we’re doing, or get involved in making change.

Election information

The KCRP is committed to educating, empowering, and encouraging voters to participate in impacting the future of YOUR city, county, state or country.

Local Clubs

Community Involvement

More Information

Click the link below to visit the Knox County Election Commission Website.